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As the saying goes, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” That’s why it pays to have coverage—for all of life’s unplanned events. Most of us recognize the importance of insurance, however, not all of us have an active policy. In order to protect yourself from unexpected hardships, you should seek an insurance plan that fits your lifestyle, finances, and provides you with the greatest peace of mind. 

Insurance plans protect you from losses due to accidents, damages, and any other risks. When looking for a plan to purchase, it’s always best to evaluate all factors. Even if finding an insurance provider seems like a daunting prospect, you can be assured that our experts will help you find the best insurance in the marketplace.

Compare Insurance Quotes

Which insurance provider can best accommodate  your requirements? Quotes among providers may vary significantly depending on the type of coverage, location, and the provider itself. 

Obtaining a number of free insurance quotes online or from agents can help save you a significant amount of money. We’ve done in-depth research to help you compare insurers with a good reputation and those that are reliable in terms of plan choices and policy offerings. After all, insurance policies can be long-term commitments. 

Get the Best Insurance Rates

When shopping for a policy, rates play a significant role in determining your choice. Insurance rates are necessary to help cover for expenses, losses, and to help the insurer in running their daily operations. In the US, insurance rates vary depending on your state and the type of insurance. In order to help protect your investment and cover yourself from unexpected expenses, we’ve made the process much easier. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and we will help you discover the best insurance rates in the market. It’s not quite magic—but it’s close!

Types of Insurance

The most common types of marketplace insurance plans are:

Health Insurance

In the US, you need health insurance to help cover your medical expenses. Routine visits, emergency stays, serious surgeries, and medicines can add up quickly, leading to debts. Those who cannot afford out-of-pocket health care costs require a health insurer to pay for all or part of their medical costs in order to avoid unexpected financial strain. We’ll help you get the best dental insurance plans, individual health insurance plans, vision insurance plans, health insurance plans for your dependents, and Medicare supplement insurance plans. Get a health insurance quote today and safeguard your health care needs.  

Auto Insurance

In the US, driving while uninsured is not only criminal—but also dangerous. This is because the driver (and the vehicle they are driving) isn’t protected from collision, general theft, vandalism, or fault accidents. Auto insurance covers trucks, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles. Moreover, it protects you from bodily injury or physical damage that can result from accidents. Consider auto or car insurance coverage today in order to avoid unexpected losses due to accidents. Just contact us for a quote.

Life Insurance

This type of insurance policy helps ease the burden on those who are dependent on you financially in the event of your death. It can cover your funeral costs, final expenses, and enable your family to plan their financial future. Have dependents? Get a life insurance quote and strengthen your family’s financial position.

Homeowners Insurance

If you are a homeowner or a landlord, this insurance plan provides coverage  for your property in case of major incidents like house fires. Get a homeowners insurance quote today and cover your house and any associated structure. 

Travel Insurance

lanning to fly to a new destination? Travel insurance will help cover your expenses in case of cancellations, misplaced luggage, accidents, and medical expenses incurred during the trip. Get a travel insurance quote today to cover your airfare in case your trip is cut short.

Benefits of Insurance

The insured, society, nation, and insurance company benefit from insurance. The benefits include:

  • It provides security against uncertain risks. 
  • It allows the insured to focus on his/her work without fear of losses. 
  • It encourages savings as in life insurance.
  • It is a source of funds as the policy can be mortgaged. 
  • It provides income security or supplemental income after retirement.
  • It gives a sense of safety and security to businesses and society.
  • It distributes risks by spreading it over a large number of people. 
  • It promotes trade, industry, and infrastructural development. 

Insurance FAQ

The commonly asked questions about insurance include:

What is insurance?

Insurance is a legal contract between a business entity or individual and an insurance agency. In accordance with the contract’s terms and conditions, the insurance company (insurer) offers financial protection or reimbursement in case of losses incurred by the insured. The insurance plans will help you avoid financial losses that could result from damage to you, your property, or liabilities for damages or injuries caused to third parties. The wizards behind MoneyWizard compare the different types of insurance policies in the marketplace and match business and individuals with insurance providers who suit their requirements.  

How does insurance work?

Insurance helps you pay for damages caused to your property—or to pay others on your behalf in the event you damage their property or injure them. The insurance company will collect premiums from you and pool the money in order to pay for losses. It uses the law of large numbers and probability to determine premium payments. The higher the risk, the greater the premium. The insurance rates must be enough for the company to pay for claims, expenses, and make some profit. In order to benefit, you must submit a claim according to the agreed upon terms and conditions.

How much is insurance?

The cost of insurance varies depending on state, associated risk, and the coverage option. For instance, car insurance costs $1,427 annually according to the national average. This translates to $119 per month for middle-aged drivers with a clean driving record and a good credit. The average costs vary greatly for other drivers. Statutory regulations also have a significant impact on insurance rates. Simply share your zip code and phone number with us, and we’ll help you determine the cost of health, life, travel, homeowner, auto or pet insurance in your state.

What does insurance cover?

The different types of insurance plans offer coverage for different risks. These include:

  • Health insurance covers unexpected or expected health care expenses. This includes checkups, vaccinations, medications, emergencies, and surgeries.  
  • Auto insurance covers trucks, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. It protects the driver and third parties from bodily injury or physical damage due to accidents. 
  • Life insurance covers for burial expenses, debts, and provides income to dependents in the event of untimely death. 
  • Homeowners insurance covers your house and any associated structure from any kind of damage or disasters like storms and fires. 
  • Pet insurance covers part or all of veterinary treatment when your pet is sick or hurt. 
  • Travel insurance covers trip cancellations, travel accidents, medical expenses during your trip, and misplaced or lost luggage. 
  • Renters insurance covers a tenant’s personal property from theft and damage.
  • Umbrella insurance covers costs in excess of other insurance policies. 

Are insurance premiums tax deductible? 

Health insurance premiums and other medical expenses are tax deductible if paid for out-of-pocket. They are deducted on federal taxes because the monthly payments for health coverage are classified as medical expenses. If you are self-employed for instance, your tax deductions would be different from those of an individual in an employer-sponsored insurance plan. The IRS will allow you to choose a standard deduction or to itemize your health care expenses when submitting a filing for tax deductions.

How to get insurance?

Different insurance companies exist in the marketplace and every business or individual can find an insurance company to insure them. In order to get the best insurance plans however, you must compare affordable quotes. We’ll help you with the process of securing  insurance plan. Just provide your zip code and we’ll retrieve  get the best insurance rates in the US.

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